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I’m here for your pathetic little dicket you’ve got between your legs. I’m here to take pity on it and give it a little tease. See if you can last til the end until I give you the cum countdown or if your thick pent up babee batter in those swollen sexless ball will blow before you even make it there.

Imagine your cocklet between my tits or gliding between my butt cheeks. Or imagine my lips wrapped around it, my tongue licking it. But it would get lost inside my cleavage and it would blow instantly as soon as it touched my ass cheeks. Dicklet’s don’t get to be fucked or sucked by me. But I want you to enjoy my pitty tease as I mock slurp my little finger and mind fuck you into oblivion.

What? You want a quickie? Grip it and hold onto it. Feel it throbbing. Feel what I do to it. It’s begging you to start stroking. It’s drooling for me. But you’re not pumping. You’re holding it and waiting while you throb and ache. I hold so much power over you, I could deny or I could encourage. And I know you’d like to cum for me.

And you’re not going to stroke for me. Nope. You’re going to squeeze it. Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze.

Next, you take your palm and you rub it back and forth, back and forth but only, ONLY over the head.

Squeezing and Rubbing ONLY.

You can do it. Squeeze and rub, squeeze and rub. Impress me and get your orgasm or keep playing this clip over and over and over because you know what they say about practice…

Haha wasn’t that fun?

Don’t worry, I promise I’m not as cruel this time. 😉

Enjoy my tits. Throb and edge. Stroke, stroke stroke!

You can handle this tease, the tease of all teases. I finally take it off. All off. Just for you.

Jerk off instruction

Always hungry for your next wank. Desperately, pathetically waiting for permission to stroke yourself into oblivion, aren’t you?

My little bitch, he wants to stroke his cock to my instruction while I tease, deny, edge, tease more…

You’re throbbing and dripping waiting for permission to stroke. But all I want you to do grip it and apply firm pressure. No stroking- firm pressure. Squeeze to my tease.