You’re a foot bitch… my foot bitch. You can’t get enough of my perfect peds. Come on now, beg me to slowly strip off my sock and wrap it around your face. Or how about I take my sock, ball it up and shove it in your mouth and use my other sock to tie around your nose and mouth? And I’m not done with you just yet. Once you’re fully consumed with my foot smell, I’m going to put both my feet down onto your face and smother you with my wide silky wrinkled soles.

Foot bitch can’t get enough of my perfect peds. They make him so hot, so horny. My feet are my sex life. You can’t cum without my feet. Even your wife knows it. Is that why she’s my foot bitch too? The two of you wrapped around my little toe, lost in my perfect wrinkled soles. No arousal, no orgasm without my feet. You and wife on your knees begging to worship and kiss.

Lots of kissy noises into his cum countdown drives my foot bitch mad.

50 to life all for failure to worship my feet correctly. That’s okay though, you have the rest of your life to figure out how to worship feet correctly… on the feet of other male inmates.

You’ll never touch the foot of another woman ever again. That is unless I decide you’ve redeemed yourself, if I feel all the practice you’ve done on the feet of other men is enough to release you on good foot bitch behavior.

You crave my feet. You can’t stop thinking about them. My feet consume your mind and control your cock.

Kneeling before me at the foot of my bed as I strip off my socks in a sexy little tease to reveal my plump soles and pink little toes. Irresistible creamy soft wrinkles, such a sweet tease for such a good foot boy.

You exist solely to be a good foot boy for me.

I allow you to stare, kiss, and worship. Admire my beautiful wrinkles. My feet are a true work of art.

And as much as I love you worshipping my feet… I know you love worshipping them more.