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I know what you are. I know what you crave. Addicted to it.


I know your dirty little secret of what you can’t get enough of.

Is it just cock though..? or those long hits? A beta bitch always eager to blow an alpha and fuck that mind up on big hits from your little ‘p’ vile under your nose. Big breath in and ready to be that cumdump. Begging to worship and suck cock. Get down on your knees and stroke your pathetic beta bitch dicklet while I describe your hot and sexy alpha f a g g o t fantasy.

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Say it with me, “I’m a filthy cock whore.”

Are your lips still plump, wet, and juicy for my cock?

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Tell me, whatcha looking at right now?

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Slave task! And guess what! It involves your favorite! Cock!

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Aren’t you curious? I know you are.

You’re going to stare at me and you’re going to stare at my cock and you’re going to stroke your little dicklet while I describe all the things I am going to do to you with my giant cock.

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Then were going to lube it up and turn you around so I can fuck your pussy with my big beautiful cock. And I expect to hear my faggot moaning my name.