You need me infiltrating your mind, fucking you up and fucking you over. So let’s not fuck around, we both know what we want here, we both want you fucked up. Count, breath, count hold. Simple efficient fun for my benefit. I tease and I destroy. You are my bitch! Now breathe and send me that tribute! And what do you say? That’s right! “Thank you.” Good boy.

Take that cage off and open my tribute page. My instructions are very simple. You click the tribute amount I desire, don’t worry – I don’t destroy you off the gates. And you breathe it all in for me while I count you down. Then you click TRIBUTE while you hold it all in for me, me counting you down again until you are allowed to relax and start stroking.
So it goes a little something like this: stroke, breathe to countdown, tribute and hold to countdown, relax, and stroke. Oh but the mind fuck, the head spinning, the wallet destruction all in combination is enough to make any boy explode in agony.

Two words: poppers & cock. Addicted to the thrill and the fuck. Long deep sniffs. Nothing rushed or f0rced. And when I get to 25 you hold it in and you do exactly as I tell you. Now tell me, who loves cock?

I want you slowly stroking, warming yourself up. Stroke, stroke, stroke, and stop… because now comes the fun part. The sniffing. You’re going to huff for me while I you down from 10 and if you can hang in there for 10 counts, you’ll be stroking again in no time. Impress me. Ready?

Each round we go faster and harder as you sniff yourself into orgasm.

Just the right combination of tease and pleasure to reignite that spark. To keep my loop spinning in your brain. A gentle little sniff and lots of stroking.

All you’re going to need is your vial, your cage, and your numbered tag lock. You sniff and you stroke. No humiliation. And my goal isn’t to obliterate you with fumes. Nope. It’s to get you just the right amount of turned on before I assert my pure power and take it all away from you. Follow my direction and enjoy, whore.