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You know, I think I will release you today and give that dick a little fun. But first I wanna tease and fuck with you while you’re still locked up. I want that cock to throb and ache for me. But of course you do realize that when I let MY cock out to play, I’m going to play with it MY way. It’s only an orgasm if it’s done my way.
So I’m going to let you out and I’m going to let you jerk… with a condom and an over abundance of lube. The less you feel the better. We wouldn’t want you to lose it so soon.
Oh, you want to take that condom off? Okay. So tie those balls up for me. It’s always give and take. You give and I take. Now here comes the real fun. I’m going to let you jerk with your 3 little fingers but only while I count and you hit them cum countdown on the mark or else you don’t get to blow.

Locked up and waiting my instruction. I tease you until you are throbbing in agony against your cage. I want the removal of chastity to be extremely enjoyable. But will I allow orgasm? You sniff and you stroke to my countdown with a fun little twist at the end. Will you or won’t you fuck your wife? Will you or wont you cum? And even more importantly, will I punish you financially even if you do as I instruct?

Hold off the entire tease without touching yourself, good for you but the moment you do touch yourself you owe me a $25 tribute.

Keep your hands off your cock and prove me wrong. Resist my tits.

Do you really think you have enough self control not to touch your dick even one time? Even if you slip, what’s a $25 tribute to enjoy my tits?

So you either STOP the clip now or you give in to my tits. If you can hold out for 2 minutes longer… you don’t owe me anything BUT if you end up blowing that load, you owe me a $100 cum fee.

I knew you couldn’t resist.