A pathetic bitch. Here when I want you and put of my mind when I’ve got better things to do. I will always own you. I will always control you. And seeing your hard on grow before my degrading and humiliating words is only further confirmation that you are MINE.

You throb when you think about you. Groveling and begging to be owned by me. The bitch is at my mercy and I love it.

Stroke to me and then stroke to my fingers. You know, that sexy little L symbol that gets you so worked up. Pump it, loser. And let me remind you how easy this is for me. You’re so eager to gobble up any sort of loser humiliation that all I have to to is stand back and rub how pathetic this truly is in your face.

Now repeat your loser mantra out loud for me. “I’m a loser. I’m a loser. I’m a loser.” Repeat it as you stroke. Over and over, again and again… withOUT cumming.

Buy this clip first and wait.

Indulge while you can. This very well might be all there is for you.

Coerced into stroking while I mock you. What kind of grown man begs this hard to stroke his own dick? It’s because I own your dick and you beg me for permission. Get down to your knees and really convince me to let grant permission. “Pretty pretty please with a cherry on top” is what I expect to hear.

Begging like that only makes me want you to suffer more. No touching! Fuck the air to my tits. Fuck the air as I count you down. You want to cum don’t you? So prove it to me. Fuck the air and explode.

All men like what they see but this isn’t for you. You’re a loser and only losers would pay for this type of humiliating and degrading treatment. The L sign is a constant reminder in your face of how I truly feel about you. My middle finger makes you want to pay. And you pay to be rejected. This is the only attention you get from women. You’re used or ignored. You’re a walking dollar sign and I always seize the opportunity to profit.