How Much Have You Spent?

financial domination

How much have you spent on me to make you feel like a loser? How much cash has it cost you to be humiliated by me? Go on, give me an actual number. I want you to see exactly how pathetic you are to be teased, denied, and then humiliated by me. I want you jerking off as I rub in your face how much I’ve taken from you.

A Has Been

You used to be some sort of playboy? A ladies man..? And you think I actually care? We’re not living in the past, loser. Take a look at yourself now. You’ve morphed into a faggot whore. A cock craving jerk junkie. So infatuated with me that every time I give you the finger it turns you on. Yeah, just look at you now, an old pathetic fuck.

meggerz top rips off

Except he wasn’t quite perving.
It all started as I was on the phone with my girlfriend giving her the play by play of the day’s events. The pathetic guy in the office was giving a presentation, staring directly at me, when suddenly – out of the blue – a button pops off my already too tight blouse… It escalated quickly into him blowing in his pants and getting fired… A story only a perv would eavesdrop in on…
So when I discover you, I am furious. I rip my clothing off to take power over the situation, I see you’ve already cum in your pants too and so threaten to call the cops. Who would they believe? But I realize you’ve had your earbuds in the whole time and didn’t hear a word of my convo. Well, someone is still going to pay for my destroyed clothing. So I’ll be taking your cards and your cash for the damages. And I’ll probably be holding onto them as long as I like.