A Has Been

You used to be some sort of playboy? A ladies man..? And you think I actually care? We’re not living in the past, loser. Take a look at yourself now. You’ve morphed into a faggot whore. A cock craving jerk junkie. So infatuated with me that every time I give you the finger it turns you on. Yeah, just look at you now, an old pathetic fuck.

Gym Sock Lurker

Dirty Gym Sock Sniffing

It’s no surprise you’ve finally come to ask me out, I knew our workout timing wasn’t a coincidence…
Excuse me? I don’t quite understand. You’re not here to ask me out on a date but instead ask to sniff my feet. I can’t believe you’ve actually taken notice to the fact that I’ve worn these socks 3 days in a row too. What are you, some kind of sick foot freak? You wouldn’t want me to inform all the other ladies in the gym of your perverted foot obsession, now would you?
You want these gym socks, you show me just how pathetic you’re willing to fall for them.

Enjoy Me


I want you to sit back, relax, and calm your mind. Push aside all the stressors of the day. Focus on me. Focus on de-stressing, on your breathing. I want you enjoying all the pleasurable sensation of stroking. I want you to enjoy my tease.
I am to be the main and only focus. I’m going to consume you. I own your dreams, I control your subconscious. You love stroking to me.

At The Foot Of My Bed

Foot boy worshipping my feet at the foot of my bed

Tied at the foot of my bed, gagged, right where I left you and oh so pathetic. I ignore you while I make plans for this evening with my lover. And once everything is set in place I decide to really lay it on you. If you wanted me to stop, you’d just say something. But you don’t. You mumble with that gag in your mouth and your cock is throbbing so I take it that you’re loving my abuse.
I remind you that whisky makes me frisky and my lover and I are going out for drinks this evening. I remind you that your sole purpose in life is to be at my feet at the foot of my bed and if I so choose to bring a lover over, well… we will concern ourselves with the details then.

Flaunting My Cash

flaunting my cash

Nothing turns you on more than seeing me flashing all my cash. You love when I show off all my ‘hard earned’ money. Especially when you know it’s you who has been giving me all your ‘hard earned’ money. You exist solely to fund me and you can’t get excited or aroused without spending on me. It’s a vicious cycle, one we both love. Now make it rain bitch, I want my money.