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Oh if only you could stroke that cock. But you can’t because it’s locked… for me. It feels so good to suffer, to hurt for me. You love hurting for me. You love suffering for me knowing your dick is under my control. I can do whatever I want to you and I can get whatever I want from you. And when I am ready and only when I’m ready will I allow you to unlock your cock and feel the full stroke of your hand up and down the shaft. But right now it’s all about me and what I want. And I want the fun of teasing you and watching you squirm. So desperate, trying to make deals you’d never consider making without your little guy locked up so tightly. You never thought you’d hear yourself beg so much, offering up everything you’re offering now. Throbbing for the keys to your cock. But you’re going to cum with that cage on, not only to release some of that built up pressure but to impress me by doing exactly what I want.  Oh, and it will NOT be enjoyable.

You know, I think I will release you today and give that dick a little fun. But first I wanna tease and fuck with you while you’re still locked up. I want that cock to throb and ache for me. But of course you do realize that when I let MY cock out to play, I’m going to play with it MY way. It’s only an orgasm if it’s done my way.
So I’m going to let you out and I’m going to let you jerk… with a condom and an over abundance of lube. The less you feel the better. We wouldn’t want you to lose it so soon.
Oh, you want to take that condom off? Okay. So tie those balls up for me. It’s always give and take. You give and I take. Now here comes the real fun. I’m going to let you jerk with your 3 little fingers but only while I count and you hit them cum countdown on the mark or else you don’t get to blow.

It’s funny how you think that pathetic little dick has to be locked behind bars to be owned. It’s funny how you think you need the pressure of those bars pressing down on you to feel controlled. It’s a perk feeling that pressure and seeing your keys around my neck but it’s not a requirement to have an owned by me. Let’s face facts, I don’t need that cage on your dick to control your orgasms.

I want your dick to grow. I enjoy knowing it isn’t locked up and it can get hard for me. That I can instruct you on exactly how I want you to stroke it and when I say hands off, it’s hands off. You still don’t cum. Regardless of being locked or not, your cock is still owned by me, under my control.

Leave your little cock locked in its cage and set up your fuck station. I want your dildo set up where you can back up on it and pound your cunt into oblivion all whilst you pump away your locked up dicklet into your pocket pussy.

Think you’ll explode with that cage on or do you think it will leave you even more frustrated than you are now? My ass and tits teasing your locked up dick into growing, pressing against its cage. My whore loves his tight fit.

Moan my name and ride that cock. Fuck that pocket pussy. You can do it for me, you can cum in that cage. Do it. Cum in your cage for me.

Just the right combination of tease and pleasure to reignite that spark. To keep my loop spinning in your brain. A gentle little sniff and lots of stroking.

All you’re going to need is your vial, your cage, and your numbered tag lock. You sniff and you stroke. No humiliation. And my goal isn’t to obliterate you with fumes. Nope. It’s to get you just the right amount of turned on before I assert my pure power and take it all away from you. Follow my direction and enjoy, whore.