Take that cage off and open my tribute page. My instructions are very simple. You click the tribute amount I desire, don’t worry – I don’t destroy you off the gates. And you breathe it all in for me while I count you down. Then you click TRIBUTE while you hold it all in for me, me counting you down again until you are allowed to relax and start stroking.
So it goes a little something like this: stroke, breathe to countdown, tribute and hold to countdown, relax, and stroke. Oh but the mind fuck, the head spinning, the wallet destruction all in combination is enough to make any boy explode in agony.

How does it feel down there on your knees with me looking down at your pathetic, useless existence? Is it even fair that you get this view of perfection while I have to stare down at… you. At failure. I suppose for the price I am charging for this clip, it is as close as it can be.

The only thing between you and my naked body are these little pasties covering my nipples and let me tell you, I’d never in one million years show you anything that you don’t deserve. But I will let you stare up and stroke off to this clip because I profit off of you. I’m not going to lie about what I’m here for. I’m here to flaunt my body and rub in your face what you’ll never have in order to get what I want. And we know I ALWAYS get what I want.

Dumbstruck with your dick in your hand.

I want you edging as you shop my store for more content to edge to. Just think of all the time you’ll spend jerking to me. Tell me, don’t you want to load that cart up for me and have even more sexy content of mine to stoke to?

Gooning out and losing all control. Pump yourself into a stroking fit, a wank-a-thon. And don’t you want me getting that email that shows me your purchase? Me knowing just what you bought and how long you’ll be jerking with me, being my little stroking spending bitch, my edge addict, my goon bot bitch. Dick in one hand loading that cart up with the other. And you want to be such a good boy for me, make me notice you. You want me proud of your stroking and spending habits. Stupid and spending. You need to blow me away with your spending to blow your wallet.

Now that your cart is locked and loaded, I’m going to count you down. Counting you down to purchasing that order, hit that purchase button and look what you’ve done for me.

Do you even see how eager my tits are to pop right out of this dress and really give you something to enJOI, huh?

You love being my tits’ bitch so tell them. Tell my tits how you love them. How they are burned themselves into your brain. And you’re stroking staring at my big beautiful tits. So while you’re stroking I want you admitting to my tits just how weak and horny, how stupid and desperate you get for them. Tell my beautiful tits how you’re nothing more than a mindless stroking tit bitch for them. How you’d do anything for the opportunity to see me topless, to see my tits in all their full bare nipples out glory. Any price will be paid for my tits. Hover your finger over that tribute button and beg my tits to accept your tribute and see what you’ve always dreamt of.

My tits make you so stupid that you actually believe you’re going to get them too.

The hotter it is the harder it is… to resist. Do my tits make you weak and stupid? Do my tits coerce you to do naughty things? Look at my tits and then look down at your rock solid cock and tell me how often do I always get what I want?

My tits fuck you up. Tell my tits just how weak they make you. Tell them stupid you become when I pull them out. You wanna be a good tit bitch for me and enjoy this stroke. You want to get down on your knees and give to me, presenting my tits an offer of tribute they can’t refuse. You need my approval and satisfaction to guarantee you an orgasm. Grovel and convince me you need a good stroke. You want to give these tits more, you want to give them everything so you can stroke to them. You need this stroke and you need this orgasm.