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You, Me, and pure bliss.

I countdown, you sniff. Such big adventure in such a little bottle. Pop that seal and follow my orders.

There’s 3 alternative endings:

One: You are a beginner and you can’t handle the sniff. I’m just too much for you and you usually find yourself waking up wondering wtf just happened.

Two: You are an intermediate addict and you can hang all the way to orgasm. This clip is perfect for you. 20 minutes of sniff-stroking is all you can take.

Three: 20 minutes of intense breath play is barely enough to get you going. You’re such an expert, you can easily watch this clip over and over all night long. If that’s the case, let me know. I want to hear from a certain amount of excerpts begging for more and I will deliver an even longer, more intense session.

Swear off pussy because pussy equals pain. Pussy equals punishment. You wear you a spiked device to reinforce that. And you know how I really know you don’t need pussy? Because you have a useless limp dick. It’s so unreliable, it doesn’t even get hard half the time.

It’s not pussy that gets your clitty hot and horny. It’s slobbing cock that’s a reliable way to turn you on. Admit it. You’re a big fucking faggot.

Take a hit, long and drawn out for me. Sniff while I stuff you with my bbc. But it appears my bbc is too small for your worn out cunt. I’ll stuff my “average” black cock down your throat and use the monster big black cock to stuff your cunt while you inhale your goodies.

Fuck Me Up Quicker Liquor

Take my shot glass, grab some of your favorite ‘fuck you up quicker’ liquor, and play shots with me.

I set the mood (quick and painlessly) to help that alkie go straight to your head. One, two, three and throw it back!

After every shot, I snap and you tribute. But don’t worry Mr. Tightwad. I start small, I feel you out, and I only let you cum once I get my way.