Pleasing Me with Cash

pleasing me with cash findom

You always back come to me, no matter what the price.

You’ll do as I say. Hands off while you stare at me and worship me. Denying yourself with the satisfaction of knowing you benefit me in the way I choose.

And of course I’m going to enjoy my own touch even if you aren’t.

Thank god you can afford this.

No touching… even if I am…

You pleasure with cash.

Suck Me Off Cumwhore

You’re drooling at the sight of my cock. Don’t even bother wiping it up, you’re going to use it to moisten your lips and pucker up.

Crawl on over here and look at it. So thick and veiny. Kiss it. That’s a good faggot. Kiss it sexy and sensually, make sweet love to my cock and turn it on. Feel it grow inside your mouth.

I’ll do whatever I want with you whore, you’re mine to use and abuse, to fuck and destroy. Take me and suck me off til I bust in your face, mouth, and down your throat.

Make me cum. faggot.

Serve Submit Commit to Pantyhose

Having trouble on where to focus? Pantyhose and the key around my ankle or my ample cleavage…

You’re still right where I’ve left you. And I’m still in your head. I’ve planted my seed and it’s been growing and evolve into your obsession.

On your knees just like the rest of the boys I’ve conditioned. How bad do you want to be apart of silky sheer pantyhose fun? Serve, submit, commit and tribute.

Complete Faggot for Asshole Licking

meggerz Complete Faggot for Asshole Licking

You claim to be straight BUT…

You are a bonafide faggot. You and your depraved little mind. Your kinks and your fantasies. All your fetishes…. they aren’t an excuse. You are a “straight” man and yet you become aroused to what? What is it that you crave so much? COCK..?

No, that would be too easy. You jerk off to watching men lick other men’s ASSHOLES. Even most faggot’s don’t dive that deep.

Cum shots, watching him pop, mmmm. Faggot porn, you can’t get off without it. Even if I turn around and show you my asshole, there’s no hairy asshole, nothing dangling between my legs to get you hard and nothing to shoot off into your face to get you off. Come on FAGGOT blow your load to your disgusting secret.

Keep Stroking Good Boy


Giving into my greed so easily. Paying such a hefty price tag to be awarded the title of good boy from me. You’ve earned it.

You’ve earned it all with your wallet.

Stroking with pride as if we share this intimacy of you being my good boy. Keep stroking faster and faster. Don’t stop. You only release at my command. Keep stroking through the pain. Work through the need to orgasm and will yourself not to cum, not until I’m ready. You’re my good boy. You obey me.

Are you going to cum? Are you going to fuck everything up for your stupid orgasm?

You ruined it. You displeased me. And now you pay the price.