All men like what they see but this isn’t for you. You’re a loser and only losers would pay for this type of humiliating and degrading treatment. The L sign is a constant reminder in your face of how I truly feel about you. My middle finger makes you want to pay. And you pay to be rejected. This is the only attention you get from women. You’re used or ignored. You’re a walking dollar sign and I always seize the opportunity to profit.

I know it’s tough having your cock locked up. Having a piece of plastic or metal tightly bound around your cock preventing it from growing entails a lot of suffering. So much pain for being turned on.

I could crack you, destroy you. Physically first but eventually mentally. You’d be mine, 100% because that’s what I want and you want what I want. Your keys between my cleavage, a constant reminder of what you need the most.

You’re going to lock that cock up and give me your key. You’re going to watch it jiggle between my cleavage, haunting you.

I use my body against you. Feel the pain for me. Always in a constant state of pain for me. You don’t deserve pleasure.

You work hard to please me.
There’s nothing more to it. You’re money belongs in my hands.

Hold off the entire tease without touching yourself, good for you but the moment you do touch yourself you owe me a $25 tribute.

Keep your hands off your cock and prove me wrong. Resist my tits.

Do you really think you have enough self control not to touch your dick even one time? Even if you slip, what’s a $25 tribute to enjoy my tits?

So you either STOP the clip now or you give in to my tits. If you can hold out for 2 minutes longer… you don’t owe me anything BUT if you end up blowing that load, you owe me a $100 cum fee.

I knew you couldn’t resist.

Mmmm I’m naked and you’re so turned on.

Bouncing from above.

Kissing my tits.