You don’t stroke.

You worship.

You kneel before my powerful pussy and suffer the denial.

I’ve got the keys not to your cock but you your sissy clitty. Because good girls don’t make dirty messes. Good girls look pretty and enjoy the tease. Sissy’s clitty is better locked up than rubbed.

Clitty is throbbing and wet for me? I bet if I allowed you to hum a pillow for me even with your clitty all locked up, sissy’d still be able to cum. Ge a good girl and ride that pillow. Fuck it to my instruction.

My feet own your cock.

One rule. Only when you see my bare feet do you cum. But as soon as that cum starts to hit the tip of your cock, you let go. A ruined orgasm for my perfect feet. You edge as I strip off my sneakers and socks and you cum when and only when my bare soles are in your face.

You want to be my slave and you’re connived you know what it takes to serve me?

You’ve got to be kidding me. Just because you’re on your knees doesn’t mean you can handle me. It’s not about me teasing you. It’s you proving to me that you ill drop as low as I command. It’s me destroying any self worth you may have left. Sounds fun? Turning you on by humiliation. Doing exactly as I say regardless of your kinks. You serve me how, when, and where I expect it. I own you and I own your orgasm. It’s about me. It will always be about me and I do what I want.

Pull it out, I want to see it throb. I want to see it drip and beg to be touched. I want to know exactly what I do to that pathetic dick. Rock solid and still not good enough for a woman. Thank god you have a f1st.

Grip it with your little fingers and gently, SLOWLY stroke it for me. Careful you don’t go to fast, I know you can’t hold out. Slowly fuck your little fingers to me.

Finger that loser dick. It’s a good thing you’ve become so handy because NO woman would ever want to fuck you. I couldn’t imagine any woman looking you in that face as you attempt to thrust into her. So pathetic. You DON’T want to fuck pussy anymore. I’m telling you. You’re an embarrassment.