You can resist me this time? Do you really believe that? Not a chance.
There is no resisting me. But I’m willing to give you a chance just to watch you fail. There is only 3 simple steps to self control.

1.You don’t get hard. Who controls your dick, me or you?
2. You don’t stroke. We know you’ll fail and get hard but you don’t ‘my’ dick.
3. And if you’re not stroking it, easily resisting me, you’re definitely not going to cum.

We both know know I always win. You can’t resist.

My good boy, star crossed and bond to his queen. Proud to have made it 100 days locked in chastity for his perfection. I am written into your DNA. You were lost before you found me and I gave you purpose. Worship me, adore me, suffer for me. You soak it all in as you can only do as I command. 100 days was a feat but you can do more. You can go longer. I want to see how far I can push you and you want to prove yourself to me.

You love being coerced to sit back and stare at me, coerced to follow my fingers as they stroke my body. You love feeling that pressure against your cock, locked up under my control. The constant reminder that you’re mine. You don’t even want to unlock it, to stroke it. You want to suffer for me. You want to sacrifice for me. You crave my frustration.

You’d rather feel my ass sitting on top of your locked up cock, painfully beautiful, than to stroke your cock into orgasm. My tease and my pain is the pleasure. Your sacrifice and your submission to me is the pleasure. I am the pleasure. And your frustrating, agonizing, throbbing pain is my pleasure.

Your goal is to keep stroking this entire clip without cumming. You can do it. You’re an edging jerk off junkie champ. And you want to prove to me you can hang in there. That you’re not a one minute man, not a two pump chump. Hold back through my little nip slip. You don’t blow without my permission. I’m so generous with my tease, you don’t want to disappoint me.

When it gets too hot you stroke and stop. You follow my command and you prove to me you are my obedient stroker.

You crave my feet. You can’t stop thinking about them. My feet consume your mind and control your cock.

Kneeling before me at the foot of my bed as I strip off my socks in a sexy little tease to reveal my plump soles and pink little toes. Irresistible creamy soft wrinkles, such a sweet tease for such a good foot boy.