Slippers, socks, pantyhose, foot dust, toe nails. How many goodies am I preparing for my foot bitch? So sexy and so humiliating. A sort of candid look at my feet.

Take that cage off and open my tribute page. My instructions are very simple. You click the tribute amount I desire, don’t worry – I don’t destroy you off the gates. And you breathe it all in for me while I count you down. Then you click TRIBUTE while you hold it all in for me, me counting you down again until you are allowed to relax and start stroking.
So it goes a little something like this: stroke, breathe to countdown, tribute and hold to countdown, relax, and stroke. Oh but the mind fuck, the head spinning, the wallet destruction all in combination is enough to make any boy explode in agony.

What’s it like being a loser, knowing you’ll always be rejected?

Wait, don’t tell me! I really don’t fucking care. All I know is what it feels like to get everything I want. And the feeling of rejecting losers like you is actually quite satisfying. I’m doing you a favor by giving you some humiliating sexual rejection porn to jerk off to vs going out there and really embarrassing yourself in front of an unsuspecting women.

Enjoy your up close and personal view while I drill into your head the reality of your pathetic existence.

A nice little sundae worshipping surprise you can’t wait to lick. Cock covered tits. Filthy fucking cock whore, sucking cock for my tits. Take all of my cock to get to my tits. Haha you would take my cock regardless.

Say it with me, “I’m a filthy cock whore.”

Are your lips still plump, wet, and juicy for my cock?

“I’m a filthy cock whore. I’m a filthy cock whore. I’m a filthy cock whore.”

How does it feel down there on your knees with me looking down at your pathetic, useless existence? Is it even fair that you get this view of perfection while I have to stare down at… you. At failure. I suppose for the price I am charging for this clip, it is as close as it can be.

The only thing between you and my naked body are these little pasties covering my nipples and let me tell you, I’d never in one million years show you anything that you don’t deserve. But I will let you stare up and stroke off to this clip because I profit off of you. I’m not going to lie about what I’m here for. I’m here to flaunt my body and rub in your face what you’ll never have in order to get what I want. And we know I ALWAYS get what I want.

Dumbstruck with your dick in your hand.