Oh if only you could stroke that cock. But you can’t because it’s locked… for me. It feels so good to suffer, to hurt for me. You love hurting for me. You love suffering for me knowing your dick is under my control. I can do whatever I want to you and I can get whatever I want from you. And when I am ready and only when I’m ready will I allow you to unlock your cock and feel the full stroke of your hand up and down the shaft. But right now it’s all about me and what I want. And I want the fun of teasing you and watching you squirm. So desperate, trying to make deals you’d never consider making without your little guy locked up so tightly. You never thought you’d hear yourself beg so much, offering up everything you’re offering now. Throbbing for the keys to your cock. But you’re going to cum with that cage on, not only to release some of that built up pressure but to impress me by doing exactly what I want.  Oh, and it will NOT be enjoyable.

You’ve got a wife or a girlfriend who will actually fuck you and you’re here with me. Now why is that? Me, a self proclaimed bitch admitting I’m only here to extract as much cash from you as I want…

Every time you have the opportunity to fuck something other than your hand, rather than get pussy, you know what you’re going to do instead? You’re going to TRIBUTE ME. And do you know how I know my little bitch is going to tribute me instead of having sex with a woman? Because I know my little bitch needs me. You love stroking off more than you like pussy and you NEED ME to cum. And if my bitch doesn’t do as I tell him, my little bitch will be denied access to me. So tell me how much you’d rather pay me to pump away at your hand than to get pussy.

Oh boy, do I have a treat for you. Wanna guess what it is? I bet you could easily guess. Do you think my treat for you in an orgasm? My treat for the little slut is being allowed to cum while worshipping my perfect, unobtainable body. Hard and ready to start stroking for all of me. And oh boy, do I know your soft spot. Would it happen to be this… my pretty little pussy? Tell me how hot is it watching my finger slide up and down rubbing my little pussy. But when I do let you cum, you cum into your hand and I have an even bigger and better treat for you. Here’s a hint. You’re going to need a little glass ready.

Addicted to getting fucked up and stroking while I tease you in my panties. Stroke and worship me. You crave my scent. You need my panties.

My feet are perfect no matter the state but you have a secret soft spot for nibbling off all the skin and imperfections. This won’t last for long footboy. You’re paying for my pedicure next so I suggest you take this opportunity to be my dirty foot bitch. That you love being my foot bitch so much in fact, you don’t mind choking on the lint and the filth for the opportunity to nibble and clean. Throbbing and leaking for my feet and weak enough to do anything I tell you to.