Of course I can understand how difficult and frustrating it must be being called a pathetic loser by all the women you were ever involved with over the course of your romantic life.


Is that what you are? I mean if they all think you’re a pathetic loser, you must be a pathetic loser. And that’s my professional diagnosis. Pull those pants down and show me how turned on hearing me call you a loser makes you.

But uh, I have another appointment soon so hurry it up. Is the loser so pathetic he can’t even jerk his own dick in time? Looks like I have to do it for you.

I want to know you inside and out. The real you. All your boring legal information and all your dreams and fantasies. And I want to use it to ‘help’ you so we can explore your darkside. You answer each kink question truthfully and you get rewarded with a stroke.

So predictable and so pathetic, dick in hand already pumping away. So proud of yourself you’ve got jerking stamina but put to real life you’d blow in an instant. So keep jerking, loser. Jerk to my tease and my humiliation. And as silly and cliche as the loser symbol is, you just throb to it. Jerk and entertain me with your pathetic stroking. Loser tease is the hottest tease. Now beg me to cum for me.

And if you find the nip slip, I put money on you not even lasting to the end.

My tits make it grow and then I grab ahold. It’s your cock, my joi stick. My hand wrapped around your cock, controlling your cock, controlling your ‘joi’.

Up Down Up Down

I’m in control of this game.

I am a con-artist and you come in prepared to interview me with a camera hoping to catch my confession. I oblige, no problem. But little do you know my tit have all the power over you. You yourself then fall victim to my game when I uncover my tits to you.