Of course I can understand how difficult and frustrating it must be being called a pathetic loser by all the women you were ever involved with over the course of your romantic life.


Is that what you are? I mean if they all think you’re a pathetic loser, you must be a pathetic loser. And that’s my professional diagnosis. Pull those pants down and show me how turned on hearing me call you a loser makes you.

But uh, I have another appointment soon so hurry it up. Is the loser so pathetic he can’t even jerk his own dick in time? Looks like I have to do it for you.

Do you even realize what you’re doing? You’re wasting your life when you could be out there at least attempting to get laid. But what are you doing right now? Jerking off. Jerking off to me humiliating you for being a loser, none the less rather than looking for pussy.
I mean you could at the very least be on a date. Having a women show some interest in you which clearly I do not have. But you’re content being a loser. My loser.
You get more turned on at me calling you a loser than you do with the chance of having a women.
Normal human interactions < jerking to a cold hard computer screen.

The humiliation turns you on. The big L. The brutal truth is all it takes to work you up. Jerk your loser dick while I lay it on thick.

So who’s a good loser? Are you a good loser for me? Stroke your dick as I look down at you and laugh in your pathetic face. You LOVE the humiliating jerk. You love the sexy tease but you choose to jerk to the humiliating tease. Triggered as I whisper in your ear… loser… pathetic… loser…  over and over into your cum countdown.

So do you mind telling me what all of this is?

I mean this whole entire time I thought I was giving you what you needed, I thought all of my attempts to turn you on and please you were what you needed and come to find out this whole time you’ve been looking at porn. And not just any old “normal” porn but humiliation? If I had know this whole time that you were just a loser bitch, I wouldn’t have wasted my time trying on you. BUT I also could have given you everything you craved. So get down on your fucking knees, bitch and admit it to me. Tell me you’re a loser.

So we don’t need this porno anymore. You’ve got me. And since I don’t fuck losers, I’m going to get myself a real man to fuck but I’ll keep you as my submissive around to use. I mean this must be a huge relief. I’m not leaving you AND I am giving you EXACTLY what you desire.

You’ve really proven to me just hot pathetic you really are. How you will really jerk off to anything I tell you to because you are that disgusting and craving that much humiliation. So here we go, round three! And this was actually a custom request so I allowed him to pick the three things he most desperately wanted to jerk off to, to prove his unwavering horniness devotion to me. Garbage jerking to garbage.