So do you mind telling me what all of this is?

I mean this whole entire time I thought I was giving you what you needed, I thought all of my attempts to turn you on and please you were what you needed and come to find out this whole time you’ve been looking at porn. And not just any old “normal” porn but humiliation? If I had know this whole time that you were just a loser bitch, I wouldn’t have wasted my time trying on you. BUT I also could have given you everything you craved. So get down on your fucking knees, bitch and admit it to me. Tell me you’re a loser.

So we don’t need this porno anymore. You’ve got me. And since I don’t fuck losers, I’m going to get myself a real man to fuck but I’ll keep you as my submissive around to use. I mean this must be a huge relief. I’m not leaving you AND I am giving you EXACTLY what you desire.

You’ve really proven to me just hot pathetic you really are. How you will really jerk off to anything I tell you to because you are that disgusting and craving that much humiliation. So here we go, round three! And this was actually a custom request so I allowed him to pick the three things he most desperately wanted to jerk off to, to prove his unwavering horniness devotion to me. Garbage jerking to garbage.

Can’t deny there’s something about the scent of a women. That raw aroma drives you wild. Your primal urge is to sniff her and obey. But that’s not what I’m giving you. Nope. Instead I’m going to lock your cock up. Then and only then will you be allowed to sniff me. Your ultimate kink is so humiliating.

Is there really a difference?

Trained like a circus freak. Humiliated, cum-less, and addicted. Your “real life” is a joke. So much so that you can’t wait to come home and spend it with me. I’m better than anything you’ve ever had or will ever obtain in your life. And you can’t stop coming back horny and stupid, jerking yourself stupider to my humiliation. Stroking while I berate you. Stroking while I humiliate and degrade you. Who’s a pathetic bitch? You are, loser! Grip that loser dicklet and slowly fuck your loser hand for me.

Loser: such a triggering word.

What makes you a loser? Real sex isn’t even an option and if it were you’d actually prefer your hand to a pussy. You’ve desensitized your pathetic penis with your wanking. Go on an admit it out loud loser, that you’d rather be jerking off to clips than be having sex. You can’t handle sex. The anxiety of real sex causes erectile dysfunction and jerking off is much safer and therefor more pleasurable… making you a pathetic loser. Every pump of your penis is a reminder that sex just isn’t for you. Humiliation is the best and only arousal. Sex is just too good and too out of reach for you, loser. Fuck yourself to my L symbol. Fuck yourself to my emasculating tease. Fuck yourself loser, cuz it’s the best sex you’ll never have.