Your dick won’t let you stop obsessing over me. Such a time consuming habit.

Do you remember the days when you used to get pussy? Did you ever get pussy or were you always a pathetic f1st fucking loser? I’m sure you’ve been denied a lot of pussy.

So pathetic you can only buy my time, my humiliating JOI but not pussy. That’s how you live your loser life.

– with special ending

You will be worked up and guided through stroking until release. I relieve your stress, take away your worry. I absorb your fears and promote your desires. With me, nothing else matters. You will leave feeling like a new man.

Obsessing over big tits and big thick dick.

Dreaming of being assaulted by big dick with a giant mushroom tip. Addicted to cock porn. Craving all holes be stuffed with cock while I tease and squeeze my big tits.

pussy = punishment

We’re going to give up women all together. And this Kali’s device you’ve purchased… what kind of straight man would choose to have metal spikes sear into his flesh at the thought of pussy. The fantasy of a woman will never arouse you again. It will only leave you with a limp useless cock.

Your track record with women is pathetic anyways. Always going after the desperate ones because you know better. You know a women with any self respect would never go for you. And if you think you’re damaged now, oh am I going to really fuck you.

You’re on my schedule. Gay porn is only allowed when your dick is free. Straight “pussy” porn on the other hand is reserved for the device. We will condition your brain and your cock to recoil at the thought of anything pussy.

You can’t break the habit. You pick up a tablet or sit down at your computer desk and start twitching in your pants. You’re subconsciously becoming aroused. The habit is strong. You might not even notice what’s happening to you until you leak a little pre cum. You weren’t even thinking about watching porn but your body is so conditioned from the correlation between the screen and the stroking.

Because all your little quickies turn into hours lost scrolling through clips, looking for that perfect fantasy. Stop fighting the flow and give into it.