You earned this release. And soon you will be collared and given the honor to be mine forever. My good boy, forever and always. Til de ath do us part. Enjoy your slow, sensual, guided release. It’s going to be a long time before I again allow you to do something for yourself.

Edging, gooning. You need me. You need to orgasm for me, at my command.

So powerful and so sexy. And I have all the power to giveth and I have all the power to takith it all away.

Molded so perfectly into the weakened mind fucked tit obsessed zombie puppet I want.

Look at you! Unlocked and ready to rock. You’ve got your vile to sniff, your pocket pussy to fuck, and your dildo to fuck that cunt. Expect a massive explosion before we lock you back up and deny you for the next 30… 60… 90? days.

Get ready for the ride of a lifetime.

Up and down, up and down. I zip. You drip.

Open that wallet, like a good boy does and please me.

Dripping and zipping.

Funding my greed.

My tits make you weak and you cannot resist sending tribute.

You exist solely to be a good foot boy for me.

I allow you to stare, kiss, and worship. Admire my beautiful wrinkles. My feet are a true work of art.

And as much as I love you worshipping my feet… I know you love worshipping them more.