Mind fuck tease. I flaunt and count the money it takes you to see your desire.

And of course the clip is UNCENSORED.

It’s funny how you think that pathetic little dick has to be locked behind bars to be owned. It’s funny how you think you need the pressure of those bars pressing down on you to feel controlled. It’s a perk feeling that pressure and seeing your keys around my neck but it’s not a requirement to have an owned by me. Let’s face facts, I don’t need that cage on your dick to control your orgasms.

I want your dick to grow. I enjoy knowing it isn’t locked up and it can get hard for me. That I can instruct you on exactly how I want you to stroke it and when I say hands off, it’s hands off. You still don’t cum. Regardless of being locked or not, your cock is still owned by me, under my control.

You get so weak for my feet. My soles make you do anything and everything I want. All I have to do is flaunt my wrinkled soles in your face and you beg to be used by. Totally my foot bitch for my perfect wrinkled soles. Beg to nibble on my feet.

I’m feeling hot and generous right now, I’m in the mood for a little worship session. I’m going to let you, my little sub slave bitch show me just how much you adore me. Isn’t that what you want to do?

Let’s warm up with my ass. Give it a kiss. You show tribute through acts of affection.

But kissing my ass is a very selfish act. We both know you’re getting much more out of this than I am. So for every kiss you give me, I’ll give you a smack across your ass to show you just how I truly feel about you. You worship me and I destroy you. That’s our special slaving worshipping dynamic.

You were finally able to follow through with mailing me the key to your locked cock cage. And now your keys are dangling between my tits. I own your cock and dictate your orgasms. And it’s all worth it to watch me tease you with your key.

But enough about you. Let’s get to my unlock game. If you win, I will send your keys back after spending some time in my panties, smelling like my pussy. But if you lose, I extend your sentence under my control. All you have to do is jiggle your cage into a nice ruined orgasm. If you blow to my countdown whilst in your cage you are a winner. You win an orgasm and your keys. But if you can’t cum, your losing punishment is pain, suffering, and an extended locked up cock.