What? You want a quickie? Grip it and hold onto it. Feel it throbbing. Feel what I do to it. It’s begging you to start stroking. It’s drooling for me. But you’re not pumping. You’re holding it and waiting while you throb and ache. I hold so much power over you, I could deny or I could encourage. And I know you’d like to cum for me.

And you’re not going to stroke for me. Nope. You’re going to squeeze it. Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze.

Next, you take your palm and you rub it back and forth, back and forth but only, ONLY over the head.

Squeezing and Rubbing ONLY.

You can do it. Squeeze and rub, squeeze and rub. Impress me and get your orgasm or keep playing this clip over and over and over because you know what they say about practice…

The life of a jerk off junkie’s got to be tough, huh? Fucking your palm and only your palm just isn’t fair, right..? You get to ‘fuck’ whenever you get horny without worrying about someone saying no to you.

But that’s all about to stop. I am saying NO to you. You’re not fucking that hand anymore. And I don’t even need to a cage for it, to even hold your key either. You only stroke when I allow it and you stop when I say your times up. We play by (and fuck by) my rules now. Hands off, no orgasm.

Stroking for me and only me. Stroking under my control only. Forced to stare at my body while your dick throbs, drips, and begs to be touched but unallowed to do so. Being told to pump away to me, being given a cum countdown, and being made to stop at one. No tricks, no games. You stop at one, you are being denied.

You’ve really proven to me just hot pathetic you really are. How you will really jerk off to anything I tell you to because you are that disgusting and craving that much humiliation. So here we go, round three! And this was actually a custom request so I allowed him to pick the three things he most desperately wanted to jerk off to, to prove his unwavering horniness devotion to me. Garbage jerking to garbage.

Pretty obvious why you keep me around the office. I mean I’m good at my job, dont get me wrong. But I also knew upon taking this position I am way over qualified for the work fo a secretary. I only took this position because you offered me such a high salary to sit around and do nothing more than sit back, relax, and look pretty as I dangle my heels. I really don’t mind doing little to no work for a lot of pay. I do my job and I do it so well that it appears as if I call the shots around here.

Pull it out for me, sir. Oh yes, it’s about time I took some initiative and brought this all to the forefront. I want to hear the big bad boss beg his secretary to stroke. Come on, match my dangling rhythm. And I’m sure you’ve been dreaming about this moment for so long, if I snapped my fingers right now you’d explode for me. But I’m not going to do that. If you hit that point of no return, hands off that cock. This is my office and I make the rules.

Can’t deny there’s something about the scent of a women. That raw aroma drives you wild. Your primal urge is to sniff her and obey. But that’s not what I’m