Lost all track of time. Stroking and stopping, stroking and stopping. Right to the edge for me. Stupid for me. Goon goon gooning. Begging to be taken over. Begging for complete loss of control. Edging into oblivion. Too hot to stop. Goon gooner, goon for me. Work it up, hold it back. Stupid silly gooner.

This was initially going to be a sweet tit tease and cash drain but then I realized that’s probably too good for most of you. So I created this:

Pits or Tits?

Don’t deserve my tits? I know. That’s why I made it as a choose your own adventure. Humiliation lurks around every corner. Drained, mind fucked, and begging for more. Which path will you choose? Click below to get started. Every paymail will include a shirt candid clip to encourage you on your way. Follow my instruction to be guided to your destination, ORGASM.


Remember to rate all paymails 5 stars and report to me any broken links or unattached files. ENJOI

Welcome to my office where nothing is off limits. Relax and make yourself comfortable. This session is completely about you. Open up and express yourself, nothing is taboo. All inhibitions are left at the door.

– Hold on a minute, my pantyhose are a bit itchy…

No need to be ashamed. We all need a release. No judgement from me.

– Ugh these hose are distracting me from you. Mind if I take them off?

Go on now, you have a fetish for stockings… legs… feet… heels. I have an idea. Why don’t you go ahead and sniff these hose. Hold then your nose and sniff as you continue to describe to me what’s going on in that head. Oh my heel too? Lick it.

Pull your hard dick out and remember this is a safe space. Good boy. Look at what I do to you. Admit it, you’re a foot bitch. You’re going to jerk to release and embrace this fetish.

Confined at home, all alone is no deviation from the norm for a lonely tit addict. But now you have my permission to pass the time stroking to keep busy. I’m telling you it’s justified to be a jerk addict for the time being.

Watch as my fingers slide over my hard nipples under my silky top. Stroke yourself with me. Stroke to my tits. I encourage it. Brace yourself for my tit cum countdown. enJOI and remember to thank me.

No tricks or games. I want you stroking to my ass. Stroking yourself into oblivion. My ass owns you. My ass invokes the strongest orgasm.