You stroke on GREEN. You stop on RED. I control the jerk off. I control your dick. This clip doesn’t need much more explanation other than you aren’t stroking to my tease, only to my humiliating denial.

My tit bitch loves my tits. Loves stroking to them. Loves begging for the opportunity to be a good boy for my tits. Cannot get enough. Edging yourself under my control. You stroking to my big tits bouncing. Who’s a good boy for my tits?

Beautiful feet wrapped up in silky pantyhose. What a treat. Seeing that stitch, the seam in the toe of my hose drives you wild. Five little treats wrapped up in nylons for you to worship. Give each one of my toes a kiss and tell me you love being a bitch to my perfection.

But my feet and toes aren’t the only treat encased in my hose. Wouldn’t my pantyhose bitch love to take his nose and rub it in between my crotch and sniff my pussy too?

Sniff me, worship me, and beg for more.

You wanna have sex with me, really? Nah, you’re my bitch. You don’t even wanna fuck me because you know you can’t please me. I invited you into my bedroom because I know you were harmless. And because I don’t want to lead you on, I’m going to tell you outright that you’re not getting anything more than a tease from me.

And since lover status is off the table, beg to be of other use to me, simp.

You crave my filthy asshole smeared up into your face. You vile, disgusting perverted asshole cleaning bitch. You wanna tongue kiss my chocolate starfish. Hahaha all of these cute names can’t cover up the reality of this perversion. Get your tongue in there and clean me out.