Bow down before me. Strip yourself of all clothing, completely naked, on your knees, pray to me. Worship me. I am your religion.

I expect a shrine in dedication to me. Repeating as you bow, “there is no god other than Meggerz.” Pray and repeat after me.

My little cum slut’s so ready and so eager to slurp up all his pipping hot jizz. You crave that cum. Such a filthy fucking cock whore. Can’t wait to explode into your hand and lick every drip drop of that salty hot cum load. You love when I describe how thick and delicious swishing and swallowing cum is.

I work you up with my tits. The hotter you get, the bigger your load. Your balls and full to the brim and ready to blow. Oh but let’s not forget you also fantasize about being the center of a circle jerk. You looking up to me for guidance on what to do with so much cock. Cum whore keeps eye contact with me and sucks off each one of my sluts. Feel the cum blow into your loser face and drip down into your belly. Ahhhhhh!

Is there really a difference?

Trained like a circus freak. Humiliated, cum-less, and addicted. Your “real life” is a joke. So much so that you can’t wait to come home and spend it with me. I’m better than anything you’ve ever had or will ever obtain in your life. And you can’t stop coming back horny and stupid, jerking yourself stupider to my humiliation. Stroking while I berate you. Stroking while I humiliate and degrade you. Who’s a pathetic bitch? You are, loser! Grip that loser dicklet and slowly fuck your loser hand for me.

50 to life all for failure to worship my feet correctly. That’s okay though, you have the rest of your life to figure out how to worship feet correctly… on the feet of other male inmates.

You’ll never touch the foot of another woman ever again. That is unless I decide you’ve redeemed yourself, if I feel all the practice you’ve done on the feet of other men is enough to release you on good foot bitch behavior.

It’s all right here for you, squirt piggie. My bouncing, jiggling, luscious tits are right here, just for you. And there’s only one thing you have to do in order to earn them: PAY. Because what’s a reward without the hard work put in to deserve it? Perfect tits + insatiable greed = one happy piggie.

Play with me piggie. I snap and you tribute. Each tribute takes you closer to orgasm. You want my tits so badly, squirt piggie. But you NEED to feed into my greed and pay me for each round of stroking I allow you. Stroking and spending all for that amazing squirt. Dig deep, feel the wallet burn.