Pure, unconditional worship.

Your little clitty is throbbing in and your soaking your panties. You feel so pretty in those panties. But you look like a whore. A slutty pathetic whore. I’ve got your cunt stuffed with a pretty little bejeweled plug. You wanna feel sexy just like me.

But you can’t be like me. I’m picky and you’re nothing more that a wet hole that takes whatever cock I stuff you with. Get down on your knees whore and suck my cock for me. Tell me, who’s boss?

It’s seriously entertaining how easily it is to toy with you. You are so desperate for my shoes and I know it. So what if I only allowed you one shoe? You would then be put in a worshipping competition with another footboy. I’d pit you two star crossed lovers against one other for the title of “Best Shoe Cleaner.”

But could you really miss out on both my shoes?  Could you really let one of these gems go to another footboy? Aren’t YOU my number one?

I’ll have to charge you double for both of them but don’t worry though, I will keep the game going. I’ll let you compete with yourself. You’ll clean my shoes and send them back to me, a cycle we will continue until there is literally no shoe left to clean, so worn down and out. And then I will let you buy my anther pair to keep playing with my footboy’s devotion.

Do you understand now what it means when I say you’re fucked?

Do you realize it only took a couple of days for you to spend over one thousand dollars on me and I haven’t even done anything. You start thinking about me and you’ve learnt quick that when I bring you pleasure, when your cock starts to grow- it’s as if I am there snapping my fingers demanding a tribute. But I’m not there snapping my fingers. I’ve just got you conditioned so well. And you’ve also figured out that if there is no spending then there is no stroking and definitely no squirting.

You release, you let go, you give in.

Eyes drawn to my fingertips tracing my body.

Countdown to orgasm and submit.

That’s a good boy. That’s MY good boy.