Concentrate on my fingers, my body, my voice.

Play my clip daily, I am your daily affirmation.

The addiction has started. I am…

What you crave. What you need. What you desire. To worship and obey.

Awaiting to be collared and at my beck and call.

Stroking respectfully and always denying yourself until I grant your release.

Together were the perfect combination.

Back Story: To capture you I’ve discovered your foot fetish and with the help of evil scientists, devised a serum that would render you oblivious whenever exposed to the one thing you couldn’t resist: My feet. I’ve slipped you the serum, seduced you into worshipping your feet… you fade out, and I capture you. Basically, My feet are your Kryptonite now, even though you’re still wildly turned on by them.

You’re coming to and I explain to you how Ive caught you, how you’ll never escape this compound and tease/drain you with my feet. You become weaker and weaker as I coerce you to sniff my feet in your face. Finally you begin to drift off into oblivion as I shove a sock gag into your mouth, you hear me tell me henchmen to lock you back up.

You’re the one who can’t stop masturbating but you want me to take responsibility for it? You’re the one who can’t stop stroking and yet you blame me for it? Why would you blame me? An I enabling you?

Am I? Or is it really you doing all the work?


You’re dripping for me. Edging yourself. Each drop a mini orgasm.

Drip Drip Drip

Prolonging the orgasm and delaying the gratification to enjoy the drip from your tip.

The follow up to Tantric Tits