Just the right combination of tease and pleasure to reignite that spark. To keep my loop spinning in your brain. A gentle little sniff and lots of stroking.

All you’re going to need is your vial, your cage, and your numbered tag lock. You sniff and you stroke. No humiliation. And my goal isn’t to obliterate you with fumes. Nope. It’s to get you just the right amount of turned on before I assert my pure power and take it all away from you. Follow my direction and enjoy, whore.

My sissy whore is going to learn to use her PAWG potential to seduce big black dick. Whore’s going to learn to twerk and work that ass like all the hoes in rap videos. She’s going to pull out her dildo and she’s going to bounce and bob on BBC asking if her Big D4ddie likes it. She will beg B.D. to please take her deeper and thank B.D. when she sits all the way down, balls deep. Tell me sissy slut, how much you love being my whore for BBC.

So much cock. You’re such a lucky faggot. A dream cum true. You don’t know what you should be staring at, as much as you want to be staring at me, you can’t take your eyes off all this cock.

Clitty tingling? Pussy getting a little wet? This view is so hot. You love cock. You need to take a flaccid cock between your lips and work it. You need to feel that cock grow and throb from inside of your mouth. And once it’s rock solid, I want you bouncing on it while I stuff you with even more cock. Meditate on me and all my cock, you stupid faggot.

You, Me, and pure bliss.

I countdown, you sniff. Such big adventure in such a little bottle. Pop that seal and follow my orders.

There’s 3 alternative endings:

One: You are a beginner and you can’t handle the sniff. I’m just too much for you and you usually find yourself waking up wondering wtf just happened.

Two: You are an intermediate addict and you can hang all the way to orgasm. This clip is perfect for you. 20 minutes of sniff-stroking is all you can take.

Three: 20 minutes of intense breath play is barely enough to get you going. You’re such an expert, you can easily watch this clip over and over all night long. If that’s the case, let me know. I want to hear from a certain amount of excerpts begging for more and I will deliver an even longer, more intense session.


Lost all track of time. Stroking and stopping, stroking and stopping. Right to the edge for me. Stupid for me. Goon goon gooning. Begging to be taken over. Begging for complete loss of control. Edging into oblivion. Too hot to stop. Goon gooner, goon for me. Work it up, hold it back. Stupid silly gooner.